Employee Profile: Chris Tissell

August 29, 2014 0 Comments

Welcome to our series of posts introducing who we are at Storiarts! We're always asking you to share with us on social media so we figure it was time to share with you. This is Chris, co-owner of Storiarts, jack-of-all-trades, and husband to the beautiful and talented Tori.



What do you do at Storiarts?

You name it! When you have a tiny staff you do a little of everything. I manage this website, our internal software, and generally the technical aspects of the business. Tori and I brainstorm and prototype new products together. Sometimes I help print your custom orders in the studio. Frequently it's me shipping your orders and talking to you on social media. I run errands, seek out licensees, research copyrights, and write blog posts! Those are a few things.

What are your favorite books?

I would be hard pressed to pick a few. When I was a kid I could not imagine anyone overtaking Tolkien. I loved, C.S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces for a long time. Moby Dick blew my mind for a while. Recently, Gene Wolfe has captured my attention and won't let go.

I like old books and new books, mostly sci-fi, fantasy, history, and philosophy. Every once in a while I pick up an epic poem, very occasionally a biography. While running errands I often listen to audio books and lectures from audible.com (it's great, you should check it out).

What is your favorite Storiarts product?

Probably our original, the Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf, though I'm torn between that and The Raven. The first because it started this whole show, the second because it has such a dramatic look.


Those might be dethroned as favorites soon, however. Secret projects are underway...


What do you do for fun?


Of course I like to read. I'm also an amateur writer with a single published short story so far. I like to travel, especially to destinations where I can engage with ancient history. Recently Tori and I spent a couple weeks exploring Italy.



I am also a long time video gamer, though I get little time for that these days. Y'all keep me busy!