Employee Profile: Christian Plover

September 08, 2015 0 Comments

Welcome to our series of posts introducing who we are at Storiarts! We're always asking you to share with us on social media so we figure it was time to share with you.




Today meet Christian, our Production Manager and all around logistics expert, number cruncher, and organizer.


What do you do at Storiarts?

By title I am the Production Manager, which simply means it’s my job to ensure you get quality garments, on time!  To make that happen I manage the production schedule working with fabric cutters, screen printers, seamstresses and shippers.  I’ve also been known to create a spreadsheet or two as I work to keep everything organized and forecast sales and product needs.  

What are your favorite books?

Through high school and college I rarely read anything that wasn’t assigned, and let’s be honest I didn’t always read those books either.  School did teach me that I enjoy reading about real people and their lives and I have since read several biographies and autobiographies.  I also have a tradition of buying a book anytime I am at the airport headed on a trip.  It seems fitting that my first real favorite novel was Airframe by Michael Crichton.  I enjoy suspense page turners and some of my recent favorites include both the Hunger Games and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series.  

What is your favorite Storiarts product?

I really like Tori’s artwork...So Alice and Wonderland and The Raven are great!  However, The Secret Garden book scarf is one of my favorites.  It not only has the most artwork, but the fabric is lighter than the other scarves as well.  It is not the most popular, but because of the look and feel it is unique.  


What do you do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and watching our 10-month-old baby girl grow and learn new things.  I am also a big sports fan!  Watching, playing, or discussing sports is always a fun time!  My wife and I enjoy traveling to Eugene to see the Ducks or heading to the Moda Center to watch the Blazers.  

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