NEW Book-Themed Baby Line! interview with the mom/designer

September 30, 2016 0 Comments

NEW Book-Themed Baby Line! interview with the mom/designer

It’s been a blissful, sleep-deprived several months here at Storiarts. In May, Chris and Tori (Storiarts Founders) welcomed their firstborn, a baby boy. That very same month our Production Manager, Christian, and his wife welcomed a baby girl. Out of the blur of unholy working hours, spit-up cloths, and visits from in-laws came the inspiration for a whole new line of baby products for book-loving moms and dads: Shop Storybook Baby! Below is a brief conversation with the maker herself about how being a new mom inspired her work. 


Tori, when did you find time to design these caps and blankets? Did you create them with your own son in mind?

Somewhere between the renewed energy I got in my second trimester and having too many other things to prep for during my third. Aaric was definitely part of the inspiration behind choosing The Velveteen Rabbit. The Velveteen Rabbit involves a young caring boy, magic and love, and I thought "Yes, I want my own boy to be introduced to all that ASAP."

Can you tell us what considerations went into your choice of fabric and materials?

Well, most importantly the fabric needed to be printable and that usually involves natural fibers. Secondly, we wanted something super soft. We also decided to go with a bright white for the book page color to make the other colors in the font stand out more. As a parent you hear a lot about how babies like bright colors so that made sense on a design level. Lastly, we always source for fabrics that can be purchased in the States.

What do you consider in picking out products for Aaric?

A lot of things… Nothing too babyish or old man. I'm not a fan of ultimatums (cutest baby ever, world's most adorable). Quality in feel and shape (I know babies are boxy but still not all the clothes should be square). I look for items that will last and sometimes neutrality is great too.

Why did you choose Black Beauty, Peter Pan, and The Velveteen Rabbit?

Again there is the neutrality factor. I think boys and girls can appreciate all those stories and they all have themes that are great for all ages.

What's Aaric's favorite?

I'm going to go with Peter Pan for now.

Have you had any time to read since becoming a mom? If so, what?

I have definitely made the time and often it's late at night. When Aaric was first born I devoured the detective series by JK Rowling! I should say that having an e-reader really helps when you have to hold a baby in your arms.

Any other comments on being a working mom, or the baby products in general?

It's not easy! The desire to take care of your newborn usually outweighs the desire to work. I hope others are as excited about introducing their little ones to these stories as we are!

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