New! Dr. Maya Angelou's Still I Rise Book Scarves and Writing Gloves!

Welcome, OwlCrate Society!!! 🦉📚

April 25, 2017 0 Comments

You love books. It pains you when you have to exit the literary world and re-enter the real one. We feel you! That's the inspiration behind Storiarts' Book Band Headbands... literature inspires our daily life. This Pride and Prejudice white-text-on-black design was made exclusively for Owlcrate subscribers. No one else in the world🌍 has this exact design! 

We hope you like it. We've LOVED seeing your posts, and will keep featuring them below if you tag @Storiarts! ❤️

While you're here, feel free to shop our other literary apparel or get to know our founders, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter—subscribers ALWAYS get the best deals!

Storiarts Literary Apparel with OwlCrate!

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☝️😂 Baby's already stealing mama's clothes! Don't worry little one, there's a Storybook Baby line just for you... ❤️

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