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A Princess of Mars Writing Gloves


Cream / Red

Embark to Barsoom for swashbuckling adventure alongside man-of-action John Carter, martian princess Deja Thoris, and fearsome alien Tars Tarkas with these warm fingerless gloves printed text straight from Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp-fiction classic, A Princess of Mars!

The A Princess of Mars writing gloves are made from American-made, super soft 100% cotton knit fabric. The open palm circumference is about 8" and the armband is about 7" around. The inseam has a decorative serged detail created from a contrasting, silky stretch thread and the outside seam has a gathered design for a more dramatic statement.

Additional Details:

  • Each pair of gloves comes with its own set of care instructions: Spot treat recommended or a gentle wash cycle in cool water. Hang or lay flat to dry. Iron ok.
  • The ink has a very slight texture to it.
  • All orders, except multi-unit orders, are shipped within poly bags that easily fit into most mailboxes.

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