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The Sun Also Rises and Other Works

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This leather-bound compilation showcases the early 1920s works of Ernest Hemingway, featuring one of his most renowned novels, The Sun Also Rises, alongside a collection of short stories and poems.

Ernest Hemingway's debut novel, The Sun Also Rises, stands as a pinnacle of his literary acclaim. Against the vibrant backdrop of Paris café society and the exhilarating spectacle of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, the narrative unfolds, offering a glimpse into the lives of American expatriates in the 1920s. Contrary to the prevailing perception of the Lost Generation as damaged and dissolute post-World War I, Hemingway paints them as resilient individuals endowed with independence. This edition further encompasses Hemingway’s novella, The Torrents of Spring, the short story compilation In Our Time (1925), and an array of additional short stories, poems, newspaper articles, and magazine contributions from the early 1920s. Accompanied by a scholarly introduction that delves into Hemingway’s life and literary journey, this leather-bound edition, adorned with gilded edges and raised hubs, stands as an essential addition to any home library.

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