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Iliad & Odyssey

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Every well-rounded home library embraces the timeless classics! Iliad & Odyssey brings together the indispensable Greek epics by the poet Homer in a refined, leather-bound omnibus edition—a literary treasure to be read and cherished.

The Iliad and The Odyssey stand as two of the oldest gems in Western literature, yet their ancient tales continue to impart profound lessons for our contemporary era. From the riveting fall of Troy to Odysseus' daring journey home, the narratives unfold with gods, goddesses, Sirens, and suitors, captivating and inspiring readers. These epic tales have left an indelible mark, influencing works such as James Joyce's Ulysses and the blockbuster movie Troy, featuring Brad Pitt.

Whether you are familiar with Homer's original stories or have only encountered their modern adaptations, you'll appreciate this Canterbury Classics edition of Iliad & Odyssey. This edition boasts an attention-grabbing leather-bound cover adorned with gold foil stamping, complemented by fine ivory paper with gilded edges. After being moved by the magic of these works, you can proudly showcase this beautiful book in your home.

A classic keepsake designed for enthusiasts of Greek mythology and great literature alike, Iliad & Odyssey is the quintessential addition to any library.

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