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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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This historically significant narrative of love and betrayal played a pivotal role in renewing interest in the preservation of Paris's magnificent architecture.

Penned by Victor Hugo in 1831, The Hunchback of Notre Dame emerged during a period when the Notre Dame Cathedral faced neglect and decay. This sweeping novel became a catalyst for a preservation movement, ultimately leading to the restoration of the cathedral to its former splendor. Set against the backdrop of 1482, the tale revolves around four individuals—the hunchbacked bell-ringer, Quasimodo; Notre Dame's archdeacon, Claude Frollo; the gallant soldier Phoebus de Chateaupers; and the poet Pierre Gringoire—each vying for the affections of Esmeralda, a young Romani woman. As the narrative unfolds, readers discover that the focal point extends beyond the human characters, encompassing the majestic cathedral itself.

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