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The Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson Book

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Delve into the profound realms of life, love, nature, and time through the exquisite verse of Emily Dickinson in this elegantly designed edition showcasing her finest poems.

Born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, a scion of a prominent New England family, received her education at Amherst Academy and Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary. Living a life of seclusion, she dedicated herself to writing, rarely venturing outside her home and having few visitors. During her lifetime, only ten of her poems were published without her consent by well-meaning friends. It was only after her passing in 1886 that the extent of her poetic prowess emerged—over 1,700 poems were discovered in a dresser drawer by her sister, Lavinia.

Emily Dickinson's verses mirror her solitude, profound connection with nature, influence from the seventeenth-century Metaphysical poets of England, and steadfast adherence to her strong Puritan religious convictions. However, it is her masterful use of language, form, and the deceptively simple nature of her verse that establishes her as a significant force in nineteenth-century American literature. Alongside Walt Whitman, she is recognized as a trailblazer in shaping a distinctly American voice in modern poetry.


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