Myths and Legends

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Myths and legends are deeply rooted in the world’s literature, language, and history. But what does the phrase “Achilles heel” refer to, and what did Oedipus or Beowulf actually do?

Immerse yourself in captivating narratives of gods, peril, heroic deeds, and cosmic phenomena. Enhanced by over 1000 illustrations, "Myths and Legends" embarks on a journey through the world's most epic creation myths, including the tales of Brahma, Vishnu, and the Inca god Viracocha. Encounter monstrous creatures and formidable beings like the witch Baba Yaga, alongside legendary quests such as King Arthur's pursuit of the Holy Grail and Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece.

The book unfolds the stories of how the Masai acquired their first cattle, the Greeks' discovery of fire, and narratives explaining the concept of death, such as the Maori god Tane's story. Passed down through generations, these sagas from diverse cultures are an integral part of our heritage, resonating deeply within our hearts. "Myths and Legends" not only presents these tales but also provides valuable context and meaning, offering a treasure trove for anyone eager to explore and understand their cultural legacy.