Mother's Day Gift Guide for Booklovers

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Mother's Day Gift Guide for Booklovers

Mother's Day is right around the corner so we’ve created a gift guide of 8 gifts for book lovers, writers, and readers all under $50! Be sure to keep an eye out for our Mother's Day Sale April 29 - May 1. Check out our list of unique literary gift ideas for Mother's Day below.

1. Storiarts Book Pouches


Where style meets literature.

Help mom organize her make-up, school supplies, and any other bookish knick-knacks with our new Storiarts Book Pouches in 10 classic titles including "The Raven", "Pride & Prejudice", and more!

Shop Storiarts Small Book Themed Pouch Bags.

2. NovelTeas Pu'er Rabbit NovelTea Tin


The perfect gift idea for book and tea lovers alike.

Inspired by Beatrix Potter's classic tale of naughty Peter Rabbit that didn't listen to his mother. This earthy, yet gentle pu'er tea will take you straight to Mr. McGregor's garden and the book-shaped tea tin can be displayed with your real books as a decorative secret hiding spot. Comes with 2oz loose leaf tea and bookmark. Illustrated by Lily Jones.

Shop Pu'er Rabbit NovelTea Tin.

3. “She is Too Fond of Books” Mug


"She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain." — Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

The perfect gift for the mom who isn’t afraid to take risks: for who can tell the dangers that may befall us when we open the pages of a book? There is a chance that, after all, our brains turned. Perfect for morning coffee and afternoon tea while wearing your Little Women Writing Gloves.

Shop “She is Too Fond of Books” Mug.

4. Book Pin: Books Are Magic


Wear your book on your sleeve!

We love these pretty Ideal Bookshelf pins featuring classics like Sense & Sensibility, Romeo & Juliet, Little House on the Prairie and more! Based on an original drawing by Jane Mount. She says: "With the Book Pins, I'm trying to capture the essence of a book in less than an inch square."

Shop Book Pin: Books Are Magic.

5. Storiarts "I Carry Your Heart" Collection


When you can't find the right words, E. E. Cummings's poem, [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in], has your back!

"This tote is absolutely gorgeous, and beyond this, really practical. You can put a lot in it and the fabric is strong enough not to torn apart at first use. The design is lovely and the quality is here, without any doubt." – Elsa C.

Shop Storiarts "I Carry Your Heart" Collection.

6. Monthly Audiobook Membership (3 Months)


Buying gifts from your local bookstore has never been so easy.

A monthly membership to (the first audiobook company that allows you buy audiobooks directly through your local bookstore) includes 3 credits to use on audiobooks of their choice, plus pride in supporting their bookstore and the greater community.

Shop Monthly Audiobook Membership.

7. Storiarts Storybook Baby Blankets


Wrap up your little one in your favorite childhood classics.

Our Storybook Baby Blankets are perfect for any soon-to-be lit lovers in mama's oven. “The quality of the fabric was lovely; I can imagine any baby would love being cuddled in this blanket. The printing was clear and legible, making this a keepsake to treasure.” – Christyn E.

Shop Storiarts Storybook Baby Blankets.

Guess How Much I Love You Baby Blanket

8. Frostbeard Studio Rainy Day Reads Candle


The only answer to dreary, drizzly days is to cozy up with a book, quilt, and hot cup of tea. This delightful blend of relaxing fragrances is the perfect companion for stormy weather.

Shop Rainy Day Reads 8oz candle.

Rainy Day Reads 8oz candle

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