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Our Story

Our Story

Creativity can often be a bi-product of limited resources. This idea is exactly where our story begins.

It was a few weeks before Christmas Day in 2011 and Tori Tissell had just graduated from Pratt Institute. In typical recent grad fashion, she was struggling to buy gifts for her family, so she turned to creativity.

Combining her affinity for fashion and inherent love for the literary classics, Tori created the very first Storiarts product: a scarf with a beautifully designed screen-printing of her favorite literature. Within several months, it became clear that this idea was more than just a one-time hand-crafted gift. It was a product that people wanted in their lives to relive their most treasured stories.

This is Storiarts.

From 2011 to present day, we’ve built our team from one to ten, and we continue to connect people with their love of books - one literary good at a time.

Today we’ve expanded our product line to a multitude of literary novelty items including gloves, t-shirts, infant apparel, headbands, pillows, and other home goods. Pick up where you left off with your favorite stories. The books may have ended, but our products are just the beginning. Storiarts products are the next chapter in the literature you love.


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