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Storiarts Supports "Geeks Doing Good" (NEW Kingkiller Chronicle designs!✨)

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💫 Here's your chance to get EXCLUSIVE Rothfuss apparel and help families in need. 💫

Our friends at Worldbuilders are hosting their annual fundraiser — "Geeks Doing Good" — to help families around the world escape poverty. Of course, Storiarts had to be a part of it, which means we're proud to present two NEW Kingkiller Chronicle designs available exclusively through the "Geeks Doing Good" campaign.

The campaign ends TODAY so get yours now!

Here's what we geeks have been drooling over this weekend... 
Slow Regard of Silent Things Writing Gloves by Storiarts, Patrick Rothfuss
On the heels of the Name of the Wind Writing Gloves, come a new setthis time featuring text and art from The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Let Auri inspire your words to be perfect and true!
Slow Regard of Silent Things Pillow Cover by Storiarts and Patrick Rothfuss
With Nate Taylor's "Lovely as the Moon" artwork on one side, the other side of this pillow cover bears a passage from The Slow Regard of Silent Things. 😍
...Still need more Rothfuss in your life? Check out our Name of the Wind Book Scarf, available year-round and also benefiting families in need! 
Worldbuilders is a nonprofit founded by New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, "a lifelong geek who knows that the geek community is full of good-hearted people wanting to make the world a better place." 


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