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Storiarts Takes on Comic Con

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Storiarts Takes on Comic Con

Wonder Woman, a five ft. tall Groot balloon animal, Gandalf and hundreds more eye-opening costumes…if it isn’t a trendy Halloween party or superhero metropolis then it must be the 2017 Rose City Comic Con.

This past weekend Storiarts took on its third Comic Con in Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center. Besides the obvious people-watching and “oohing and aahing” that comes along with any Comic Con, Storiarts had an enjoyable time interacting with familiar faces and new customers.

Owner Tori Tissell recounts her favorite part about this year’s Comic Con. “People watching (oh the costumes!) and then connecting with those people about the stories they love. They get so excited about the words and then they comment on the excellent quality and it's so rewarding to realize how happy we make people through what we love and produce.”

Among the Snow Whites, Darth Vaders, and other memorable getups, Tori’s favorite costume was Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones. “Not only was he covered from head to toe in faux fur but he looked a lot like the real guy who is one of my favorites in the TV series,” she says.

As for next year, expect to see another appearance from Storiarts with even more products for Comic Con lovers! We hope you enjoyed reading about how Storiarts took on Comic Con 2017 in Portland, OR!

Owner Tori Tissell dressed up as one of the wives from Mad Max alongside Aaron Sparrow, writer of the Darkwing Ducks comics.
Storiarts Takes on Comic Con 2017

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