"Necessity is the mother of invention."

October 25, 2016 0 Comments

...It's an English proverb, and also the origin story of the Book Scarf.

Tori screenprinting a Book Scarf

In an interview with FangirlNation, Tori was asked where the idea came from to make the Book Scarf and start a business. We want to share with you the storymay it inspire fellow creatives [and introverts] everywhere!

"Tori: The idea came out of desperation! I needed Christmas gifts for friends and family, but as a poor recent grad drowning in student loans, my options were seriously limited. I was simultaneously trying to find a way to combine my passions of art, literature, fashion and printmaking. While keeping this in mind and reading my Bible one day, the idea to put sections of literature on fabric and create something beautiful and utilitarian just hit me. It was such an exhilarating experience because my finished product looked exactly like I had imagined it.

As an introvert, I never, ever wanted to be a business owner, but I made a few extra scarves to see if I could make some extra money on the side. In the late hours of the night I somehow snatched one amazing photograph, I created an Etsy account, I listed what I could, and violà, a business was born. They were gone within days. Next I had too many messages than I could deal with from people asking for more. It was literally an overnight success and I quit my desk job not too long afterwards."

...read the full interview by Victoria Irwin at FangirlNation!

P.S. In the photo Tori is creating a custom scarf design for author and wellness hero Katy Bowman's book, Move Your DNA. 

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