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Meet the Team: Chris Tissell

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Meet the Team: Chris Tissell

Meet Chris Tissell―printing guru, coding wizard, sewing master...you name it, Chris has done it. He’s been at Storiarts since the tail end of 2011 and juggled a wide array of responsibilities from the get go.

While every company has its growing pains, Chris recounts his own #tbt story. “Once, very, very early at Storiarts, Tori and I were still printing scarves ourselves in a rented studio space and discovered we had used water soluble ink that was not properly set,” Chris recounts. “This meant the text would run as soon as it came in contact with water and wash out entirely in a washing machine. We were up until the wee hours of the morning reprinting dozens of scarves.”



I write stories of my own on the side, usually speculative or historical fiction, and sometimes both.

Favorite Book?

Undecided. "The Lord of the Rings" and Lewis's "Till We Have Faces" were both favorites at some point.

Favorite Storiarts product?

I have a soft spot for the Super Karamazov Bros. tee, both because I love the novel and because Carrie Fisher (sometimes better known as Princess Leia) told us in person that she thought it was a work of genius. For someone that grew up on both books and Star Wars this was high praise indeed.

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