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SURVEY RESULTS! Your Favorite Literary Dad Award Goes to...

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SURVEY RESULTS! Your Favorite Literary Dad Award Goes to...

Arthur Weasley!

Storiarts Literary Father Award Goes to Arthur Weasley of Harry Potter

More than 800 of you have spoken. And here's what you said...

"All good choices, but as I'm reading the Harry Potter series with my daughter right now I'm reminded of what a great role model Arthur Weasley is! He is smart, principled, supports his kids ambitions, embraces all that is good, but is willing to go to battle with evil. Love him." - Sarah

"Arthur Weasley was my favorite, because he took in Harry, even though he did not need to. To me that is the ultimate parent!" - Cathy

"Arthur! He was a father figure to Harry and one could argue, Hermione - no questions asked, no ulterior motive." - Natalie

"Mr. Weasley! He sets a high standard for literary Daddydom!" - Melissa


Atticus Finch* and Mr. Bennet tied for 2nd Place.

*Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbirdnot the subsequent book which shall not be named (by Finch fans, at least)...

"All in all, To Kill A Mockingbird will remain the only Atticus I know....It's comforting to see so many fellow friends with the same opinion!" - Loralee

"Atticus Finch - he did the right thing when it was unpopular to show his children what justice was supposed to be." - Nancy

"....doesn't everyone want Atticus as a father " - M'an

"Has to be Mr. Bennet 'Your mother will never speak to you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never speak to you again if you do.....'😂" - Delilah

A few devotees of Charles Dickens, L.M. Montgomery and Victor Hugo cast their loyal votes for Les Misérables' Jean Valjean (4th place), A Christmas Carol's Bob Cratchett (5th) and Little Women's Mr. March(last place, but to be fair he's barely in the book). 

"Jean Valjean was the man! The way he rescued cosette and sacrificed everything for her. It was a beautiful story. I need to reread that book." - Lisa

"I don't have Bob Cratchit's emoji.... But I choose him. Optimistic and loving. Sacrificial, encouraging and full of faith. Just what a Father should be." - Marie

"Bob Cratchit is so loving and loves his enemies as well and teaches this to his children" - Gretchen

"Mr. March out of this group.Because Joe won't have been able to be herself (a strong woman) with the support of her father. Specially for the time is was written." - Meadow

Some Write-in Votes Too!

"...but really Matthew Cuthbert, Anne of Green Gables" - Beth

"Couldn't agree more! Matthew is an amazing father figure, giving Anne tons of unconditional love and that dress with the puffed sleeves!! What's not to love?" - Kerry

"Atticus, but also my own favorite: Charles Ingalls from the "Little House" series. Best dad ever." - Lauri

"Charles Halloway, Something Wicked This Way Comes" - Lea

"Do I have to choose just one? " - Loretta

Cheers to all the wonderful fathers out there!

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