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Persuasion - With Letters from the Characters' Correspondence

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Step Into the World of Anne Elliot with This Special Edition of Persuasion!

Delve into the heart of Jane Austen's Persuasion with this unique edition, featuring the complete text of the novel alongside stunning replicas of the characters' letters and other paper ephemera.

At the center of Persuasion lies Captain Wentworth's unforgettable letter to Anne Elliot—a moment of profound confession and emotion. This edition brings that pivotal scene and the entire story to life, using letters, newspapers, maps, and other ephemera to illuminate the characters' innermost thoughts and drive their fates. From Anne's father's obsession with their family's history to the bustling social scene of Bath, where the lovers are reunited, these replicas offer a tangible connection to Austen's world.

As you immerse yourself in the novel, you'll discover thirteen carefully crafted items tucked into pockets throughout the book. Each piece, meticulously recreated with exquisite calligraphy and historical accuracy, enriches your understanding of the story and offers a new perspective on Austen's artistry. Whether you're a devoted Jane Austen fan or simply appreciate the art of letter writing, this edition adds a new dimension to a beloved classic.