The Faerie Handbook

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“I'll be genuinely surprised if The Faerie Handbook doesn't end up having the same impact and influence as Froud and Lee's Faeries did all those years ago.” —Charles de Lint

In this exquisite compilation, Carolyn Turgeon, the Editor in Chief, along with the editors of Enchanted Living Magazine (formerly Faerie Magazine), invite you into a magical realm filled with myth, mystery, romance, and the abundant beauty of nature. Divided into four sections—Flora & Fauna, Fashion & Beauty, Arts & Culture, and Home, Food, & Entertaining—it presents a diverse collection of vintage and contemporary fine art and photography, literature, essays, do-it-yourself projects, and recipes. A Resources section offers a comprehensive list of Fairy Festivals and Fairy House Festivals worldwide.

Featuring an inset image on the front cover, intricate silver foil patterns on the front, spine, back, and edges, and a satin bookmark, The Faerie Handbook is a visually captivating volume suitable for fairy enthusiasts of all ages.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits inside:

Flora & Fauna: Where Fairies Live; A Listing of Fairy World Inhabitants; Katerina Plotnikova’s Fairyland (photography portfolio); Fairy House Architecture and Interiors; A Fairy Herb and Flower Almanac; The Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle; Fairy Trees; Victorian Terrariums; Animal Friends and Foes

Fashion & Beauty: Fairy Queens; Fairy Couture (portfolio: tiny hand-crafted dresses fashioned from paper as well as real flowers); fashionable flower plates from J.J. Grandville’s book Fleurs Animées; Fairy Cobblers: (portfolio: fairy shoes crafted from paper and flowers; fairy shoes for human folk); Garbed in the Garden (designer dresses for humans crafted from and embellished with live flowers); Dewdrops: The First Beauty: Elixir; Fairy Dust; Fairy Fragrances; Bathing in Fairy Style; Fairy Wings; Mori Girls

Art & Culture: A Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Secret Commonwealth; How to Avoid Being Taken by Fairies; Changelings; Victorian Fairy Paintings; The Art of Arthur Rackham; Charles Vess, Cicely Mary Barker, and Brian Froud and Alan Lee; Fairytale World of Mr. Finch; Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland (photography portfolio), The Lady of Shalott; the Cottingley Fairy Hoax

Home, Food, & Entertaining: Midsummer Night’s Dream Garden Party; Edible Flowers; Fairy Drinks; The French Fairytale Salon of Madame d’Aulnoy; A Fairy Tea Party; Fairy Party Tips; Fairy Portals and Pathways’; Fairy Tale–Inspired Houses of Carmel-by-the-Sea

Projects & Recipes: Craft Your Own Fairy Furniture; How to Build a Flower Press; Flower Pressing Ideas and Tips; How to Make a Fairy Terrarium; How to Make a Fairy Flower Crown; How to Make Fairy Dust; The Perfect Fairy Bath; How to Construct an Arbor; Candied Violets; Flower Lollipops; Lavender Shortbread Cookies; Honey Ricotta Tart; Frosted Cranberries; Fairy Tea Cakes