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Writers' Retreats

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Explore the creative sanctuaries of over 50 influential writers from the past two centuries in "Writers' Retreats." Gain insight into the unique habits and environments that fueled the imagination of literary legends.

Visit Henry David Thoreau's renowned cabin at Walden Pond, experience James Baldwin's 'Welcome Table' in Provence, step into Roald Dahl's garden hut, and witness Toni Morrison's sunrise-lit writing couch. "Writers' Retreats" unveils the private, quirky, and occasionally curious spaces where literary magic unfolded. Through vibrant illustrations and the writers' own reflections, each location comes alive with the essence of what made it the ideal setting for creative expression.

Embark on a journey through the retreats of literary greats, spanning from Emily Dickinson and Marcel Proust to contemporary authors like Margaret Atwood, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Alice Munro. This book is a delightful gift for both writers and book enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the places that sparked the creativity behind their beloved works of literature.

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