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Join Storiarts as we #CommitToLit!

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Join Storiarts as we #CommitToLit!

At Storiarts we believe literature is a force for good in the world and we’ve partnered with LitWorld, a literary book charity, to prove it. We’re starting a #CommitToLit campaign to fight illiteracy worldwide, and share all the ways people around the world are committing to literature.

When you buy a Commit to Lit tee, 100% of the profits go directly to support LitWorld, so children across the globe can learn to read, write, and create. 

We would love for you to help us support literacy worldwide. Join us in sharing how you plan to #CommitToLit.

7 Easy Ways to Commit to Lit

  1. Buy a Commit to Lit Tee Shirt!
  2. Tell us how you plan to #CommitToLit on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or leave a comment below.
  3. Make a donation to LitWorld.
  4. Read 1 book per month.
  5. Join (or start) a book club!
  6. Enter a poetry or writing contest.
  7. Read 20 minutes before bed (instead of reaching for your phone!)

    Photo courtesy of LitWorld.

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