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Meet the Team: Tori Tissell

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Meet the Team: Tori Tissell

If you ask inventor of the Book Scarf and CEO of Storiarts why she wanted to start a business, Tori will tell you she never wanted to be a business owner. “I am not the managing or entrepreneurial type but I created a product, secured a patent design for it, and 6 years later we're still going!” Tori explains.

We’re thankful for Tori’s creative spirit which kickstarted Storiarts in Dec. 2011. Currently, her role is doing what she does best...being creative! She is our queen at illustrating and designing new pieces, assisting with the sourcing of materials, helping with photo shoots, and deciding what products to add to our ever growing line.

We asked Tori to recount a throwback Storiarts memory, which involved working at Comic Con a few years ago after a woman and her dog stopped by the Storiarts booth.

“I was the only worker present because Chris had just stepped away, and I was immediately VERY interested in the cute little dog that was rummaging through our "store" and so failed to notice that it was Carrie Fisher who was so interested in what we were selling!” Tori recounts.



Obviously I read, I also love meal planning, cooking and baking, I teach yoga and exercise a lot, I love interacting with my 16 month old son, and my husband and I are big gamers and cartoon watchers.

Favorite Book?

Recent: Harry Potter

Classic: It's a tie between Pride & Prejudice and Jane Eyre

Favorite Storiarts product?

Anything Alice in Wonderland! That book has so much wonderful imagery to begin with and it was really thrilling to dig into that and create my own interpretations for our pieces. The scarf and gloves were also the first items with images we released and we were very hesitant but they've remained a top seller ever since!

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