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10 New Ways to be a Walking Library 📖❤️

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Literary tees with your favorite books by Storiarts
We're so excited to introduce a huge expansion of Storiarts' literary apparel and tees collection! These one-of-a-kind designs come in both Women'sand Unisexstyles, so you can choose your fit. Peruse these 10 literary t-shirts for book lovers, featuring new designs, and stay tuned for more!
All tees are 10% OFF through the weekend. Sale ends Sunday night!
Storiarts Moby Dick Literary Tee
Find out who has read their Melville—you'll know instantly with this tee, by whether you receive a confused look or a sage nod of understanding at one of the most famous opening lines in all literature. 
Pride and Prejudice Literary Tee by Storiarts!
It's BACK! A new rendition of our most popular style bearing Jane Austen's astute reflection, "We are all fools in love." The romance continues on the back where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet walk arm-in-arm on a path made from the text of the proposal scene of Pride and Prejudice.
Book of Kells literary history tee by Storiarts
Illuminate your life with this wearable bit of illuminated manuscript, the Chi Rho from The Book of Kells. Dive into literary history with this Irish medieval treasure.
Anne of Green Gables literary tee by Storiarts
Just like Anne herself, this tee has secrets. Our Anne of GreenGables tee features an original hand-drawn cameo of the world's favourite redhead packed with hidden details. Pick up where your favorite books left off.
Tarzan and Jane literary tee by Storiarts
Civilization holds no attractions for you! You'd much rather be adventuring. Presenting an officially licensed tee featuring vintage Tarzan and Jane cover art. Available in both women's and men's/unisex styles!
Literary tees made from your favorite books by Storiarts
Plus—Don Quixote, Dante's Empyrean, and Pride & Prejudicetees now come in a unisex style that is perfect for men or women looking for a looser fit!
Book Of Kells literary history tee by Storiarts
Anne of Green Gables Literary Tee Shirt by Storiarts
Literary tees for fashion minded book lovers by Storiarts!

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