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Let's Discuss Pride and Prejudice | Storiarts Book Club

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Let's Discuss Pride and Prejudice | Storiarts Book Club

Hello Storiarts Book Club Readers!

Thank you for being here to discuss Pride and Prejudice with us. It's been good to know you've all been reading along with us during the last two weeks. What a pleasure to escape into another time together while so many of us are currently in lockdown.

Our discussion will start at 10AM PST on Friday, April 10th. Here's how it will work:

We've adapted several questions from the list of questions provided by the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA). We'll be entering a comment for each one in the comment section below. Have thoughts on a particular question? Just reply to the question in the comments.

Storiarts staff will get things kicked off with a few thoughts of our own. Can't wait to hear yours!

  1. If you're reading this book for the first time, what were your impressions of it? If you're re-reading, what did you notice that you hadn't before?

  2. Elizabeth is upset to learn that Charlotte has accepted Mr. Collins’s marriage proposal. Do you think Charlotte should have married Mr. Collins?

  3. How does Pemberley play a role in Elizabeth’s change of heart? Does she really fall in love with Darcy after seeing his estate?

  4. How does the title Pride and Prejudice relate to the original title Jane Austen used for the novel, First Impressions? Do you think Pride and Prejudice is a better title? Why?

  5. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet do not agree on very much, especially when it comes to their daughters’ futures. Who is the better parent—Mr. or Mrs. Bennet? What role does family play in this novel? 

  6. Why is this novel so popular? Why do readers keep coming back to it, even after the original suspense is gone and they know how it ends?

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