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Pirates, Pixies, and The Modern Prometheus

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It’s product launch day!!! Storiarts products are all about living a literature-inspired life, and we want to share with you the inspiration behind the newest designs...

Why Frankenstein?

First, it’s pretty awesome that back when women weren’t exactly encouraged or recognized in their literary pursuits, Mary Shelley seeded a whole new literary genre! Many say she’s the mother of science fiction,and she paved the way for the development of the modern horror story. We picked Shelley’s classic novel ultimately because it’s been one of the most requested books by you, our customers (plug: If you don’t know what we’re talking about please sign up for our newsletter so you can participate in customer surveys!). Bottomline, Frankenstein was a top winner in our most recent customer survey.

The text on our Frankenstein Book Scarfand Frankenstein Writing Gloves is pulled from the ominous chapter 5,

“It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils…”

As for the Peter Pan Pillow Cover, Storiarts founder and creative oracle, Tori, is a HUGE Pan fan. (If you would like evidence of Tori’s extraordinary fandom, scroll to the bottom for a look at her award-winning interpretation of Tinker Bell in a national costume contest!) The Peter Pan Book Scarf and Peter Pan Writing Gloves have been among our most popular products since they were released, and we couldn’t wait to help accessorize reading nooks with a piece of Neverland.

So here’s to pixie dust, flying pirate ships, lost boys and happy thoughts of Never Never Land:

Fun(ny) fact... Children trying to fly after seeing the original Peter Pan play was a real problem. After the early productions, J.M. Barrie had to alter the story so that the ability to fly required actual pixie dust (conveniently hard for children to come by) rather than merely “lovely wonderful thoughts.” A little "don't try this at home" precaution. 😂

Finally, as promised, here is Tori ‘Tink’ Tissell as seen in Barnes & Noble’s "Get Pop-Cultured" costume contest last year. Because we believe in fairies (and never growing up)!

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