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Storiarts and COVID-19

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Storiarts and COVID-19

Bookish Friends,

What a strange time we're living in now as the whole world seems to be focused on one thing: the virus currently sweeping the globe. Hundreds of millions of us are now working from home when possible and distancing ourselves from friends and family, including us!

Many of you have asked questions about Storiarts' status in relation to this so we wanted to answer some of those questions here. We will update this post as needed.

How is Storiarts responding to COVID-19?

As most of you know, Storiarts is located just outside of Portland, OR. Our products are locally-made and we store and ship them from our warehouse here. We've implemented increased sanitation and social distancing protocols and so far we are pleased to report all of our staff and contractors remain healthy.

Are you still fulfilling orders?

Yes! We are currently shipping at our usual pace, and while there are occasional shipping delays within the United States, we can still bring you beautiful bookish comfort while you're cooped up at home! Better yet, send a gift to a friend. Now is the time to reach out.

For the very latest shipping updates please see our FAQ.

What about international orders [recently updated]?

Yes! However in some cases we are seeing long delays in international shipping. However shipping times to Australia seem to have largely returned to normal (yay!).

We currently recommend purchasing DHL shipping if delivery speed is important to you as it is fastest at present and avoids the issues above.

There are a few countries with disrupted delivery service to which deliveries will take a bit longer than usual. You can see the most up-to-date information here.

Help, I'm going crazy cooped in here...

We hear you. It's hard to get used to staying in one place all day. What's more if you have children (like most of the Storiarts staff), keeping everyone occupied can become a second job.

As long as the crisis lasts, Storiarts is going to occasionally send out resources and ideas for how to stay healthy, happy, and occupied during this time. You can find our updates on our social channels or our newsletter (sign up below).

Stay happy and healthy everyone! We'll talk soon.

-- The Storiarts Team

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