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Peter Pan - Painted Edition

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Experience the enchantment of discovering Neverland with the exquisite Painted Edition of Peter Pan. This enduring tale of eternal youth and the bonds of found family will captivate both new readers and those familiar with the timeless adventure of Wendy, Michael, and John.

Now available in an exclusive collector's edition, this magical childhood classic is adorned with beautiful cover art by the talented Laci Fowler and enhanced with decorative interior pages—a perfect addition for fiction enthusiasts and book collectors.

Cherished by fans worldwide, "Peter Pan" follows the story of a spirited boy who refuses to grow up. This timeless classic, presented in an exclusive collector's edition, features:

  • A beautiful, high-quality hardcover showcasing Laci Fowler's distinctive hand-painted art, enhanced with high-end embossing and debossing treatments to bring the illustrations to life.
  • Embossed cover art and elegant gold foiling for an added touch of sophistication.
  • Story details cleverly incorporated into the cover art, offering delightful surprises for attentive readers.
  • Decorative interior pages adorned with insightful pull quotes.
  • A matching ribbon marker and gilded page edges for a touch of refinement.

An exceptional gift for teachers, librarians, or lovers of children's classics, this collector's edition immerses readers in the tale of a young boy named Peter Pan, who, in pursuit of his lost shadow, invites three children—Wendy, Michael, and John—to join him in the enchanting realm of Neverland, where they need never grow up.

As the trio embarks on this whimsical journey and encounters Peter's ageless band of Lost Boys, they discover that Neverland is not as idyllic as it seems when faced with the menacing Captain Hook. Exploring themes of imagination, courage, and the enduring beauty of parental love, this unique collector's edition presents J. M. Barrie's cherished tale of friendship, memory, and family in a beautifully giftable new format.

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