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Coffee With A Story

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Coffee With A Story

Here in the Pacific Northwest, coffee is like our native language. On any good day, you’re likely to find us with a book in one hand and a steaming mug in the other. It’s just how we do life.

As English novelist Anthony Trollope once wrote, “What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?” And we wholeheartedly agree. Nothing, Mr. Trollope, absolutely nothing.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to introduce our new line of small batch, literary-inspired coffee, roasted right here in Portland, Oregon. We present you with three genres of whole bean Booklover's Brew: the intriguing Gothic Roast, the delightful Fantasy Roast, and our seductive Romance Blend. We can’t wait for you to try them!

 Booklover's Brew

How We Source Our Coffee Beans

Storiarts’ coffee story begins with sourcing the best possible raw beans. And that’s one task we do not take lightly. We’ve chosen only specialty South American arabica coffee, known for its intricate flavors and rich aromatic qualities: coffee that tastes and smells the way coffee should. All of our beans come from direct trade sources. They are picked at peak ripeness, selectively sorted for health and homogeneity, and efficiently imported to preserve freshness.

What does that mean for you? Some seriously delicious coffee that you will seriously love.

But ensuring excellence in your cup is more than just picking the right beans. It’s picking from the right people. It’s knowing that every person behind that cup was treated fairly, compensated justly, and empowered for future success.


People First

At Storiarts, we’re dedicated to partnering with ethical coffee importers who care about each step in the journey, from the farm to your mug. We’ve selected our raw bean suppliers for their direct relationship and commitment to farms and farm workers. Direct trade means getting more money into the hardworking hands that cultivate and harvest your beloved beans.

In Brazil, the largest exporter of arabica beans in the world, coffee is big business. Our Brazilian supplier is a family-run company that provides one seamless connection between their farms all the way to our roaster. That unparalleled level of continuity assures us that our coffee is being handled with the utmost care by people who are involved and invested in the entire process.

Our whole bean coffee is grown on individual family-owned or co-op farms where fair wages are paid and labor and environmental regulations are followed. Many of these farms are women-run. In Colombia, industrious women from multi-generational coffee growing families, now heads of their households, are supporting themselves by managing their own farms. Entrepreneurial aspirations were not always a possibility in previous generations.


Effecting Positive Change

Principled trade yields opportunities for ownership and self-sustainability, so that women, families, and whole communities can thrive. Now it can be mutually beneficial for every person, for every step in the process. Now we are all truly allies, connected across the globe by the same love of coffee. We’re happy to take a part in the economy that is effecting this positive change!

Our aim, with each delicious Booklover's Brew, is for everyone’s coffee story to end well. So drink up and enjoy!

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